Monday, February 13, 2012

Bodybuilding - do's and don'ts

Many people turn to bodybuilding to get in shape and develop a better physique. Some people will even pursue it competitively. It may initially be difficult to understand what works and what does not work when beginning a bodybuilding programme.

Here are some things a bodybuilder should do to get the most effective results:

• Make sure to incorporate healthy food high in protein to nourish muscles as they grow. High calorie foods are also needed for optimal muscle growth.

• Always stretch and perform a warm-up prior to lifting heavy weights.

• Stay consistent with training. Any lapses could prove to be a determent to a training programme.

• Get a good night of sleep. Muscle growth occurs when they are at rest after training.

• Always make sure to use proper form when performing lifts.

• Change strength training methods periodically so that strength and muscle growth do not plateau.

Here are some things a bodybuilder should not do when training:

• Do not exercise on an empty stomach. The body needs the nutrition for energy to effectively compete a workout.

• Do not overtrain. Muscles need time to recover and grow, so exercises should be alternated on certain days to only heavily train certain muscle groups at a time.

• Do not lift excessively heavy weights. Every person has their strength limitations. It is good to increase weights to give muscles a good workout, but weights that are too heavy for a person’s strength level can put undue strain on the joints and result in injuries.

• Avoid the use of steroids. Even though using these performance-enhancers may be tempting for faster results, the overall outcome could be devastating to a person’s health.

• Do not bench press without a spotter.

• Avoid heavy cardio. Some cardio exercises are good, but performing high levels of cardio (like marathon training) can actually cause the body to break down muscle building protein to use as energy.

People can achieve the results they desire by simply following many of these key points when performing their bodybuilding workouts. Exercising wisely can allow the muscles to grow to an impressive size while improving physical strength and health.

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